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 Stuffed Cabbage


(1) Cabbage

(1) Cup of Quinoa

(1) Cup of Mushrooms

(1) Cup of Brussels Sprouts

(2) Cups of Vegetable Stock

1/4 lbs of Tofu

Spices (salt, cayenne pepper, garlic)

 Tomato Sauce


Put the cabbage in boiling water, and cook until soft. Add couple drops of olive oil to the boiling water (it will help the leaves to peel off). Let the cabbage cool off.

In the meantime cook quinoa and saute tofu, mushrooms and brussels sprouts with spices.

Afterwards combine all of them together.

Peel off the cabbage leaves and fill them with mixture of quinoa and tofu 

Fold them up like burritos then top if off with Tomato Sauce and serve!


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